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Nadraki (Fiji) Ltd is a private weather service based in Suva, the country’s capital, and was established as a formal business in May 2010 by Neville L. Koop (Hons. B.Sc. Flinders University – Dip. Met. Australian Bureau of Meteorology). It began in a very general sense in 2001 where information was disseminated to personal contacts who he thought might value it. 


Over 60 businesses, 55,000 mobile subscribers, and 2,500 app customers in Fiji use the Nadraki Premium Weather Subscription as part of their day to day operations. All of the products and services from Nadraki are designed to help you reduce your risk to weather and climate hazards. The scope of these subscribers include businesses in the tourism, engineering, logistical, shipping, and disaster management industries as well as property teams in banking corporations, specially funded research projects, and for personal use.

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"Bad weather always looks worse through a window."

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Be prepared with the accurate forecasts in the country. We offer the wide range of premium subscription services from SMS and Mobile Application, to Web services.

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Simply to most affordable prices for weather services in the Pacific.

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Not everyone can be a metrologist, so we keep our forecasts simple and easy to read.


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Fiji's first locailsed weather app with access to premiun maps and forecasts.